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Long-Term Care Consultants was founded in 2000 in Richmond, VA. Our mission is to provide education and awareness to individual clients, employer groups, financial advisors, other insurance professionals, certified public accountants, attorneys, physicians, caregivers and anyone who wants to understand what is the best way to leverage their money and most tax efficient way to pay for long term care based on their individual circumstances.

Code of Ethics

Long Term Care Consultants, Inc subscribes to the following Code of Ethics:
  1. To conduct our business with referrals, clients, and other professionals according to the same high standards of honesty and fairness that we would apply or demand for ourselves.
  2. To keep paramount the needs of those whom we serve.
  3. To respect our clients’ trust in us and to never do anything that would betray their trust or confidence.
  4. To give all service possible when service is needed.
  5. To present policies factually and accurately, providing all information necessary for the issuance of sound insurance coverage to the public we serve.
  • To use no advertising which we know may be false or misleading.
  • To be fair and just to competitors and to engage in no practices that may reflect unfavorably on us or our industry.
  • To treat prospects, clients and companies fairly by submitting applications that reveal all available information pertinent to underwritings policy.
  • To extend honest and professional conduct to our clients, associates, fellow agents and brokers, other financial professionals, and the company or companies whose products we represent.
  • To continue to increase our competency through ongoing education. Being competent means having the necessary skills, knowledge, commitment and attitude to do a professional job.
  • The Team Bio Info

    Linda Tsironis Caruthers,

    Linda Tsironis Caruthers, CSA, LTCP is the founder and CEO of Long-Term Care Consultants, Inc., Richmond’s only dedicated long-term care insurance agency providing long-term care planning and caregiver support resources to individuals...

    Howard “Bo” Grant Long Term Care Specialist

    Bo is a Richmond, Virginia native who attended VMI (for those not familiar with VMI it is the “esteemed” Virginia Military Institute). He attended VMI on a football scholarship and received a...

    Karyl L. Moesel, MBA,
    LTC Specialist & Administrative Director

    Karyl brings 17+ years of insurance experience to LTC Consultants, Inc. She has a varied background of experience including serving as a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps (11 years) before entering...

    Alan Jones, CLTC Long Term Care Specialist

    Alan Jones began his insurance career in 1992 with the Prudential Insurance Company initially offering personal insurance lines, including life, disability and long-term care insurance. He broadened his offerings to include employee...

    Linda Tsironis Caruthers,

    Linda Tsironis Caruthers, CSA, LTCP is the founder and CEO of Long-Term Care Consultants, Inc., Richmond’s only dedicated long-term care insurance agency providing long-term care planning and caregiver support resources to individuals and employer groups. She has specialized in long-term care insurance since 2000 and earned the Long-Term Care Professional (LTCP) designation from America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) in 2005 and the Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) designation from the Society of Certified Senior Advisors in 2006.

    Linda is a published author of several articles that have appeared in Health Care Reform Magazine focused on long-term care and was a cited expert on long-term care in an article in Virginia Business Magazine, Business Trends: Healthcare, An Industry Makeover, Genworth Financial. She is certified through the Commonwealth of Virginia to teach Virginia Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership Certification Continuing Education Classes and conducts personal educational meetings with individuals and employer groups. She also teaches Long-Term Care Insurance classes for the Adult Education Division of Chesterfield County Public School System, Lifelong Learning Institute in Chesterfield and Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Richmond. In addition, Linda is a past member of the Board of Directors of the Central Virginia Association for Health Underwriters, a local chapter of the National Association of Health Underwriters. She is the sought-after specialist that educates clients on the advantages of long-term care, tailors it to fit individual needs and shops solutions to get the best possible value for clients.

    Howard “Bo” Grant Long Term Care Specialist

    Bo is a Richmond, Virginia native who attended VMI (for those not familiar with VMI it is the “esteemed” Virginia Military Institute). He attended VMI on a football scholarship and received a BS in Civil Engineering. In 1980, Bo relocated to Atlanta where he was in the architectural business for 17 years. In the late 1990’s, a friend introduced him to the world of group benefits where he worked with United Healthcare. As his career evolved, he became licensed for Property & Casualty as well as securities. He returned to Richmond in 2004 and worked with John Hancock recruiting Financial Planners.

    Like many insurance representatives with a varied background, Bo comes to the specialty of long term care planning because of a personal experience involving someone who required care. His mother passed in 2005 due to dementia. As a result of his experience with his mom, Bo became more informed of the need and cost of care required for someone experiencing dementia as well as other long term care situations. Having had both hips replaced in 2016 further increased his awareness of the need for care and the process of obtaining quality care.

    Bo thoroughly enjoys the insurance profession, particularly long term care planning because there is a real sense of helping people. He wants to be part of the solution. With his experience in Group Benefits he feels that he is able to reach more people in the workplace to provide them with the long term care protection that will become so valuable to them in the future.

    Besides working hard to bring solutions to others, Bo has always been a “jock” whether it’s football, running, lifting weights or experiencing Hot Yoga. He is divorced and has a daughter, Ginny who is 17 and attends school in Richmond.

    Karyl L. Moesel, MBA,
    LTC Specialist & Administrative Director

    Karyl brings 17+ years of insurance experience to LTC Consultants, Inc. She has a varied background of experience including serving as a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps (11 years) before entering the insurance profession. She developed a strong interest in Long Term Care after having seven surgeries within eight years. While none of her surgeries were life threatening, she came to realize the importance of Long Term Care. She met Linda at a training class who recognized her interest and knowledge and said “This is where you belong!”. The result: she left an insurance position she had for six years to pursue a career in Long Term Care where she is able to assist people make the choice to protect themselves so that they can remain financially independent. She does not want to see people lose a lifetime of savings with the potential for becoming destitute for an unfortunate situation that could have been prevented. Karyl knows from her own experience that having a LTC policy provides you with “peace of mind” knowing that the policy protects you from having to be reliant on others if care is needed.

    Karyl believes that it is important to work with your clients to understand what their needs are; what assets are available and be sure that they are educated in the various options that might be appropriate for them so that they make may an “informed decision” when designing and selecting a plan. Every person’s circumstances are different and Karyl works with you to determine the best options for you, not your neighbor! Karyl works with people in person and “online”. You will be sure to meet her as she works with clients in processing your application. Karyl is located in Northern Virginia. You may contact her at 703-346-6601 or Karyl@ltccinc.com

    Alan Jones, CLTC Long Term Care Specialist

    Alan Jones began his insurance career in 1992 with the Prudential Insurance Company initially offering personal insurance lines, including life, disability and long-term care insurance. He broadened his offerings to include employee benefits. He left Prudential in 1997 when he established his own insurance practice as an independent agent. Since that time, Alan has continued to offer employee benefits and individual insurance to businesses and individuals throughout Virginia.

    He is a Certified Long Term Care Consultant who has decided to re-focus on long term care insurance. “I have always believed in the product, but now I have a story to tell,” says Alan. “The experiences we’ve had with my in-laws – and continue to experience with my mother – have given me a better appreciation for the benefits of planning.” He is self-described as one of the most low-key insurance agents you will ever meet. That may explain why he has had some individuals and group clients work with him for over twenty years and has grown his business exclusively off of referrals for the last fifteen years. His philosophy is simple. “I want to educate my clients on their options and let them make their decision on their timetable.”

    He is a born and bred Virginian, having grown up in the metropolis of Brookneal. He moved to the Richmond area shortly after graduating from The College of William and Mary and now considers Richmond home. He is married and has three adult children and one grandchild (so far). He spends free time with his family, reading, riding his motorcycle, playing volleyball, and photographing landscapes

    What our clients say

    Several years ago, I took out long term care insurance policies for myself and my husband. It seemed like a smart thing to do and the agent representing the company, Linda Caruthers, was both knowledgeable and clearly invested in providing excellent service. Over the years, as questions about one thing or another have surfaced, I have always felt comfortable in knowing that I could reach her directly should there ever be a problem concerning a policy. That kind of personal attention is particularly important when you need quick reliable aid and only have at your disposal a computerized help station! The human touch really matters, and Linda makes your needs her priorities!

    Tinina Cade, Ph.D Associate Vice President for Student Development, University of Richmond

    “Linda Caruthers is a valuable resource, and her knowledge and work experience in the long-term care insurance industry provides insight into the issues we face as we age. In addition, her compassion for others and her strong work ethic add to her expertise, and she has been a pleasure to work with when planning educational programs and personalized, one-on-one meetings for employees. Linda and her team of long term care professionals have also been available to join us at annual Wellness Fairs, Benefit Fairs and Retirement Planning Workshops. I am very thankful for Linda’s commitment to employees and appreciate all she does to promote wellness on our campus. Thank you, Linda,!”

    Suzanne Bird Benefits & Compensation Specialist, University of Richmond

    “Our firm has worked with Linda for the past 10 years. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about long-term care, but she is able to educate and communicate with clients in a very comfortable fashion. I trust Linda to help address and solve any long-term care concerns my clients have.”

    John B. Clair NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor

    This is a testimonial about the wonderfully helpful, insightful and professional advice from Linda Caruthers, one of your Long Term Care Specialists. After carrying a very expensive and valuable policy for almost twenty years, I am at that point of how and when to move ahead with claims for home care assistance. Thanks to Linda’s tremendous help, I’m much better informed and able to understand my policy more fully and make important decisions. In short, Linda is the best, and I’m very lucky to be working with her.

    Robert Beukema

    An excellent speaker who really knows her subject and is aware of all the gaps in people’s knowledge of LTCI and can propose ways to follow up on issues. She also knows what people do not know about the use of the insurance and gives good tips on how best to use it.
    Complete review of Long-Term Care Insurance by an expert.
    Her mastery of the content!!
    I learned so much!
    The instructor, Linda’s, expert knowledge.
    useful information, well presented

    University of Richmond Osher Lifelong Learning Center Class Evaluation

    As a family physician, my philosophy is that as an individual you are not a commodity, so you shouldn’t accept assembly-line healthcare. My practice is personalized to fit your unique needs and busy schedule. I have known Linda Caruthers for several years and over that time, I have come to know that she has a similar philosophy when it comes to long term care issues. She and her team work with potential clients on a very personalized basis where she ensures that people are educated properly regarding the complex area of long term care so that they can make an “informed” decision regarding what is appropriate for their situation. As a result of her philosophy I refer clients to her on a regular basis.

    John W. Verheul MD, MPH, HealthVisions MD

    “My name is Richard S. Smith a 1990 retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. and more recently, a staffer with the National Education Association from 1992-2010. I met Ms. Caruthers in 2004 in my capacity as a member benefits consultant and advisor to the various business enterprises providing products and services to the NEA membership and their families. I soon recognized that Ms. Caruthers presented her designation as a CSA (Certified Senior Advisor) to a level that exceeded expectations. Her technical knowledge of the topic, Long-Term Care management, was without equal. More significant was her empathy and ability to connect with her client or audience as she explained the web of options one should consider in confronting the challenges of longevity. She is sought after by insurance agents and financial planners as they recognize the service that she can provide to the financial decision making for their clients. She is unquestionably at the top of her industry and performs with the upmost of integrity and reliability.”

    Richard S. Smith

    My husband and I are very appreciative of the information and guidance given us by Linda Caruthers. She answers questions with ease and without hesitation. It is refreshing to experience her positive, reassuring approach to something we consider complex. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about long term care insurance but it’s obvious that she stays on top of the latest changes in the long term care industry. Her reliability and kindness are outstanding. We’re very thankful for her expertise and helpful manner.


    Thank you so much! I don’t feel like I’m flying nearly as blindly as I was before your session. And it’s great to know that there’s someone locally who can read and interpret Insurance-ese 😉


    Thank you Linda Caruthers and your staff for working with us over the past year since retirement from the
    Foreign Service to purchase our new additional LTC insurance plan. We very much appreciate your
    patience in answering our any-and-all questions that we raised in the slow, deliberate process of making
    our decision. We also appreciated your willingness to meet on our schedule at various times over many
    months to go over in detail and clarify our understanding of this most important of life purchases.

    Frank and Setsuko

    I have known Linda Caruthers for several years. She is caring, compassionate and always willing to help others. I highly recommend Linda as the premier expert in the area of long-term care protection, chronic care and any assistance related to these pressing issues. Linda is our go-to-expert for anything related to long-term care insurance. I have several clients that I’ve referred her to, with tremendous results. We even went to Linda to manage our own long-term care insurance needs – and we are thrilled.

    John Millen Managing Partner, PPG Benefit Solutions

    “I have known Linda Caruthers for many years as a professional in Long Term Care Insurance (LTC). She is one of the most knowledgeable, if not the most knowledgeable persons in the industry. Linda is always thinking and researching what is the best strategy for her clients. She has assisted me as a LTC broker with saving many of my client’s time and money in finding the right company and product to meet this need. But more important, she is one of the most sincere and caring persons you will ever meet. She takes each of her client’s concern to hear and it shoes in her service to them.
    I highly recommend Linda for any of your Long Term Care needs. You do not know when you may need that financial security no matter your age.”

    Don R Vaught President, Vaught & Associates Financial Services

    A shout out to Linda Cauthers!

    My wife and I worked with Linda over a number of months to dive deeply into the LTC insurance products and processes. Linda was generous with her time and talent, explaining concepts and evaluating different options for us. She was especially helpful in guiding us to focus on what we envisioned for our “golden years” and then strategizing on solutions to meet those goals. We highly recommend partnering with Linda when considering LTC options. As we learned, it is never too early to start this journey.

    Al Strickler Strickler Medical, Inc.

    I consider myself fortunate to have met Linda Caruthers and subsequently enlisted her help in purchasing a LTHC plan. She did a thorough job of researching several plans and giving me options to choose from. It has been approximately 15 years since Linda became my agent, and I’m still glad I made the decision to allow her to represent me in such an important life decision. She even agreed to meet w/my children so they would understand the plan. This was especially important to me, since I am a widow. It also gave my two sons confidence that I was being well cared for in a professional way.


    Recently, I had the opportunity to hear Long-Term Care consultant Linda Caruthers speak about long-term care. She delved deeply on all facets of long-term care…from benefits for which these policies are best known to the much lesser known benefits and how to best utilize policies. Honestly, I was surprised by the myriad of benefits that I had overlooked in our policies that can be used on a timetable that is conducive with needs and planning. She helped me focus on the importance of including LTC in my personal strategic plan and goals.

    She also addressed many stress-saving attributes, such as notifying the appropriate people, such as legal counselors, etc., about policies, POA documents, etc., rather than waiting until filing a claim at a time when stress is already elevated.

    I have engaged many consultants over time to help me plan for various benefits and services during my lifetime. I can say that Linda is at the very top of that list. Not only is she the most thoroughly knowledgeable person on the LTC topic but she has her client’s interest at the forefront. She asks deep questions and listens actively for any triggering comments that would help her offer the most accurate and best advice.

    I consider myself to be most fortunate to have met Linda Carurthers. She is a valuable resource to be included in a family’s overall health and wealth planning.

    Patricia Gallagher Senior Vice President, Sonabank

    “Dear Linda,
    It was our sincere pleasure to meet with you last Friday. Our experience with you was truly amazing. We still cannot believe such a person as you exists on this earth. You were so pleasant, efficient and knowledgeable and ever so passionate about your job. You went above and beyond the call of duty to help us understand our long-term care policy. Thank you for your kind and professional services. Linda, it is a great feeling to know if we ever need help that you will be there for us. Thank you for the summary of our meeting. We value your suggestions and will begin acting on them soon. We have our work cut out for us. Take good care. YOU are the BEST!”

    Al and Mary Jo Kling

    “Linda Caruthers builds on her teaching past to be the perfect partner for clients and advisers as they explore the many facets of long term care planning. With an emphasis on compassion and education, Linda offers a warm, comfortable approach when talking about long term care planning, and her deep knowledge of the provider marketplace makes her a great partner for anyone who has questions about Aging in Place.”

    David Hillellsohn DHill Financial, LLC

    I recently took a course from Linda entitled “Understanding Long Term Care.” I have had long-term care
    for 18 years and, aside from making payments, I never investigated the terms and conditions closely.
    This course gave me a deeper understanding of this valuable asset and how I can use it to best effect.
    So, if you have long-term care insurance or don’t have it, it is important for you to have a thorough
    understanding of your policy or why you should buy a policy.

    JF Bergh

    My husband and I would like to thank you for your assistance, and for educating us, on long term care insurance and life insurance with a long term care rider. We are so glad you were recommended to us by our Medicare insurance advisor. You literally came to the rescue with information and possibilities. All was greatly appreciated.

    Becky Day Independent Beauty Consultant