Long Term Care Consultants 


Think you don't need long-term care planning?

Think again.

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  Your investment in a long-term care policy protects your assets and brings peace of mind to those who care for you. A long-term care plan is a physical, financial and emotional plan, to include the care recipient and the caregivers.

A bridge over troubled waters: Long-Term Care Insurance 

Remember your first day of kindergarten when your mom said that everything was going to be ok? You weren’t sure what would happen, but you trusted her. It turned out ok, didn’t it? We will start with you at one end of that scary long-term care bridge and we won’t let go of your hand until you are safely on the other side. You could say that walking you across the bridge is our business model.

We specialize exclusively in Long-Term Care Insurance. We’ve been doing it for a long time and we’re good at it. As a matter of fact,we are the largest and most experienced long-term care agency in the Richmond area. We are proud of the long relationships we have with our clients. And we are proud of our track record.

Time: If you had all the time in the world, you could put together your own long-term care plan. You could probably build your own computer or your own cell phone, too. You'd have time to learn everything you needed to get it done right, even if you wasted lots of time and money in the process. But time is money, and we want to help you save both.We specialize in selecting the correct long-term care plan for each of our clients: efficiently, affordably, and accurately.

Money: A lot of people think insurance is expensive. Just imagine how expensive having no insurance could be. Would you really want to risk ruining the most pleasant time of your life by figuring out when it’s too late that you really should have thought about your long-term care needs? After listening to you carefully we can help you select the most efficient and effective long-term care plan for you. Does one size fit all? Absolutely not. We won’t let you take a misstep.

Trust: You can’t see it. You can’t hear it. You can’t touch it. You can’t measure it. You can’t taste it but it is the most important consideration in who to walk across that bridge with. Perhaps you would like to see what some of our clients think.