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Testimonials: Stories from Our Clients & Our Team

From Susan: “Working with the Long Term Care Specialists is a treat. They know what you should have insurance wise, and help you make the right decisions for your future. They have also helped me to understand my mother’s long term care policy which we are now using, thanks to the knowledge I gained from LTCC. They made an appointment for me with a financial planner and gave me phone numbers to other services that could help me save money. They also gave me advice on services I should take advantage of for my mother. Thanks to Long Term Care Consultants, I am now on the path of a secure future.
I encourage everyone to visit with Long Term Care Consultants to get the important answers we all need.”

From Gail:"LTC Insurance easy to understand – it is when you work with the folks at Long Term Care Consultants. Linda and her staff are compassionate,
patient and tailor a plan to help you meet your needs. 
And, as a business owner, I truly appreciated the respect shown to my staff to make sure that each employee understood their coverage and the cost."

                                                        Gail H. Howerton CPA

 Gail Howerton CPA

From Bo: " Linda Caruthers is a true professional!
She is a very knowledgeable consultant in the Long Term Care industry. She possesses a deep passion for the care of her client before and after the sale.
I would highly recommend Linda to anyone seeking knowledge about the LTC industry or products. They will not be disappointed!"

                                                                                    Bo Grant
                                                     The Bo Grant Agency, LLC

 Bo Grant


Long-Term Care Insurance isn't just used by seniors. One of our clients was in her 30's. She  contracted Lyme disease and did not know it.  It took three months to diagnose her and by that time she was totally bedridden.  Her long-term care policy responded by preparing her meals, doing her laundry, grocery shopping, driving her to physician appointments and helping her bathe and dress.  Her long-term care policy worked in tandem with her disability policy and health policy:  her disability policy provided her income, her health policy paid for her physician and/or hospital expenses and her long-term care policy provided the residual income she needed for someone to help her with her daily life.  The long-term care policy allowed her husband to continue to work knowing that his wife was properly taken care of.  He never lost a day from his job.   Testimonials